October 03, 2006

Get Ready For the October Surprise

Today's headlines were an astounding amalgam of adversity for Republicans. They include the Republican coverup of Congressman Mark Foley's sex scandal with minors, including calls for House Speaker Dennis Hastert's resignation;51 dead in new Iraq violence; the State Department confirming the meeting between CIA Director George Tenet and Secretary of State (then National Security Adviser) Condoleeza Rice three months before 9/11, which Rice conveniently forgot, where Tenet warned Rice about the impending threat of terrorist attacks; and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stating that the war against the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan is not winnable, and that the Taliban should be admitted back into the Afghan government.

Whew! Look for George Bush to take some big military "anti-terror" action this month to try and knock these stories off the headlines just before the November election. My first choice is still action against Iran. My second choice is what I call Operation Trot Out Osama. If Operation TOO takes place, I hope people will ask Bush about the timing, and especially, what has he been doing to get Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaeda for the past five years.


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