September 10, 2006

California Flesh Bazaar

Last Friday night, I attended the
Angelino Magazine 7th Anniversary Party at the
H.D. Buttercup Furniture Mart in Culver City, California.This art deco landmark in the former Helms Bakery houses over 50 vendors in over 100,000 square feet. It was strangely satisfying to sip lemon drop martinis while sitting on new leather sofas displayed for sale. I was surprised to see all of the emporium's wares, including furniture, lamps and artwork, on display and not covered up for the party.

Also on display was a generous amount of pulchritude. The severely plunging necklines in the front of the women's dresses were matched only by their soaring hemlines below. They practically met in the middle. It must be the California version of female pattern baldness.

This was very different from events I have attended in DC, where the styles are often much more conservative. It was a real eye-opener. So, if I do not return home from California, there is no need to look for my picture on the back of milk cartons.


At 5:03 AM, Blogger Aileen said...

Hmmm...As a DC female resident, I'm not sure why I'm offended by this post. (Perhaps the classic bimbo vs. brains issue?) But I expected better from you! ;)


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