September 01, 2006

Thanks Wonkette ... Sort Of

Yesterday I posted about my crush on Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. It was intended to be lighthearted and satirical. However, the person I was with when I published it told me that it would likely generate a response. Was she ever right.

Wonkette ran an item about my post yesterday evening. Since then, my viewership has gone through the roof, with hundreds of visits last night and hundreds more today. I'm flattered that Wonkette did this. I enjoy reading Wonkette, and even have it linked on this blog. However, Wonkette threw the gutterball in this case, going with a more tawdry angle and using a vulgar expression that did not appear in the original post, either in the flesh or the spirit. "Schtup?" Does anyone even use that word anymore? I think it exited the vernacular along with "boff" in the eighties. Wonkette has certainly lived up to its credo, "Politics for people with dirty minds." However, the credo contains a typo. It should read, "Politics from people with dirty minds."

But they say any publicity is good publicity, right?


At 9:28 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Congrats! Wonkette just gives the readers what they want... It is exciting to see your SiteMeter going crazy, eh?


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