February 03, 2007

The Secret of Life Should be Bottled and Sold as Pizza Sauce

I have discovered the secret of life, in a most unlikely place. A pizza place, to be exact. Are you ready for the secret of life? Here it is: the secret of life is to say "yes." To just about everything possible.

I was in a beachside pizza parlor several days ago. I had planned to pick up a slice or two and bring them home. It was my first time in the place, and it was a gourmet pizza parlor, with lots of different designer pizzas. I was looking at the pizzas displayed behind glass, and up at the menu board, to try to determine what they had available. I wasn't paying attention to the line. I didn't notice that two women in front of me had stepped out of the line. I must have moved forward to take their place.

Then, a woman approached me and asked whether she was in front of me or behind me. Her friend came over and said she thought they were in front of me. She said they had stepped out of the line to grab a menu. I must have been in a relaxed mood, because I smiled and said, "go ahead, I'm not in a rush." They seemed surprised at my response. Then the first woman asked me what kind of pizza I was ordering. By the time we got to the front of the line, they had asked me to stay and eat with them. So I sat down with these strangers and had a very interesting conversation.

The first woman lives in the area. Her friend was in town from Chicago to direct a television commercial (apparently the weather in Chicago is not permitting at the moment). The two of them proceeded to rapid-fire questions at me, including very personal questions regarding my professional, romantic and religious status. Instead of being offended, I just smiled and answered their questions as rapidly as I could. I also found out that the first woman lives with her boyfriend, and she is looking to meet girlfriends. She says it is difficult to meet people in this Southern California beach town. I learned that the second woman is married with kids, but is seriously considering leaving her family to move here for work. Interesting stuff.

We traded phone numbers on napkins, and went our separate ways, each of us with a new friend. I can't think of more than a couple of times in many years in the DC area where anything like this happened to me. It is amazing what can occur when one simply decides to say "yes" to the universe.

P.S. New Blogger is horrendous. Who wants to say "yes" with me to a class action lawsuit?


At 6:55 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

I have had the same experience when I struck up conversations in Starbucks lines. I met up with a group of people on Capitol Hill who have coffee every morning this way. Most people are only too anxious to talk to you if given the chance. When did we learn to be so inhibited for heaven's sake?

I waited until the last minute to switch to the New Blogger and then found I could only post if I did it one day. It was actually not a big deal. I hate having to type in my e-mail address to sign on, but other than that I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm not in the least bit interested about what new things I can do...


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