June 26, 2008

I'm Full of Shirt

The picture above is of my collection of short-sleeved shirts. There are red shirts, yellow shirts, green shirts, white shirts. There are t-shirts, golf shirts, hiking shirts, biking shirts. I'm now up to 54 shirts, and I have hit the breaking point. The piles are so compressed that some shirts can no longer be seen, and others get pushed to the back and can no longer be found.

The problem is that I'm a saver, and I tend not to get rid of shirts, or other items of clothing, unless they either wear out or shrink too much to wear. But this creates a vicious cycle, as the more shirts I accumulate, the less I wear each one, and thus the longer it takes each shirt to wear out or shrink.

But today I'm doing something about it. I'm going to take a bunch of these old shirts and put them in a bag to give to Goodwill. I have to get the pile down to a manageable, non stress-inducing level.

Oh, and the shirts in the picture are just the ones that pull over. I have at least twelve more short-sleeve shirts with buttons, hanging in the closet.

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At 2:19 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

It would take you almost 2 months to wear all these shirts at one a day. Maybe you should consider donating a few to a homeless shelter where the guys wear the same shirt every day because they only have one.

Maybe I should go count my shirts...


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