June 04, 2008

I'm Wired!

Once again, I discover a television program when it's about to go off the air. Last time, it was "The Sopranos." This time, it's "The Wire." Granted, I don't have HBO, so I depend on Netflix. But, why didn't anyone introduce me to "The Wire" before this year? I guess I should read Slate more.

What really turns me on or off with a television show or movie is the script. I like them complicated. I like when I really have to pay attention. I like when I get lost momentarily, and have to rewind and play a scene over again. These are sometimes characteristics of critically acclaimed television programs with limited popularity. This describes "The Wire" exactly.

Right now I'm plowing through season one. Four more to go. All but season five, the final season, are available thus far on Netflix. BET is also airing the re-runs. In the meantime, for those relative few yet ardent fans who have seen all episodes of "The Wire," please don't tell me what happens.

(The Wire promotional art from Wikipedia.com)

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