May 01, 2008

Joke of the Day, Courtesy of the U.S. Congress

This email I received today from the ACLU perfectly illustrates the absence of cojones among Congressional Democrats. The ACLU email message contains photos of former Bush Administration officials John Yoo, John Ashcroft, Douglas Feith, and George Tenet (who first served as CIA Director under President Bill Clinton), and calls them "Bush's Torture Team."

The email from ACLU goes on to state that House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) has invited the Torture Team "to appear at a crucial hearing on May 6th. As of yet, not a single one of them has agreed to show up. In fact, John Yoo and John Ashcroft -- central figures in the Bush strategy for defending torture -- have already refused."

The ACLU email then states that "We’re flooding Chairman Conyers and the whole House Judiciary Committee with 'Citizens’ Subpoenas.' Let Chairman Conyers and the Judiciary Committee know you want them to go all the way by issuing real subpoenas, legally compelling Bush’s torture team to show up."

So I'm supposed to be shocked that the Bush Torture Team has refused to accept invitations to voluntarily appear before the Judiciary Committee and expose themselves to perjury and war crimes prosecution? And I'm supposed to issue a "citizens subpoena" telling Conyers and his majority of Democrats on the Committee to do their job by issuing subpoenas to these criminals?

I don't like to swear on this blog, but WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!! This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats ask law-breaking Republicans to please come to a hearing and admit their law-breaking. Then Democrats do zero when the Republicans logically refuse to comply. If the tables were turned, the Republican Congress would be issuing subpoenas, impeaching the President, and sending jack-booted thugs to go medieval on these crooks' asses.

(photo from the Washington Post)


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Yeah, I agree. Today's Dems are much more of the "Make nice" mentality. Their dogs would have already been eaten in the Republican's dog-eat-dog world. I'm actually quite worried with every passing day about the Democrats' ability to win the upcoming election. I fear that McCain is going to swagger in after Hillary and Barak have each other down for the count, get himself elected, and then start a series of violent eruptions as his temper finally gets the better of him.


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