August 07, 2006

Pat Robertson Converts

Television evangelist Pat Robertson made an astounding conversion on the air yesterday. He now believes in "the global warming" and its man-made causes, especially the burning of fossil fuels. Here is the transcript of Roberstson's remarks with a link to the video, courtesy of Think Progress.

Robertson's conversion stands out from the conservative party line, espoused by President Bush and many of his flock, that either there is no such thing as global warming, or that there may be a global warming problem but its cause may be natural rather than human, thus we should not be taking any action on it.

Maybe Pat Robertson has become a believer in science, having read the numerous studies over the past years which point to a global warming problem caused by human burning of fossil fuels. Or maybe Robertson simply had a revelation that, if there is going to be a Second Coming of the Messiah, it won't be much of a party without a habitable planet for Him to come back to.


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