February 24, 2007

The Apple-Panera Industrial Complex

My latest trip to Panera necessitated desperate measures. This time, in addition to the usual loud businessman, there was the loud old lady who dominated the conversation with her friends. Old lady, we in Panera do not need to hear your Oscar picks. We already know that "Helen Mirren was exquisite in The Queen." I was left with only one choice.

As I snapped my laptop shut, the aproned assistant turned and picked up the glowing red telephone that has no buttons. Seconds later, at the other end, a young man clad in black picked up his identical flashing red receiver.

"This is A2."
"A2? P6 here. Another goose is on the way to lay the golden egg."

Fifty-three minutes later, I had purchased from Apple Genius Trevor, as if that was his real name, a black and red U2 Special Edition video iPod, plus numerous accessories. I am hoping the boys from Doob-lin can help me counteract the Panera din with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "Bad."

Military-industrial complex? Who knows? But trust me, the Apple-Panera industrial complex is thriving. And I think I know just who is at the center of it all.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

This is absolutely hilarious! In truth, Apple doesn't need any help from Panera to sell iPODs because they can hardly make them fast enough. It's so interesting that a company that started out in someone's basement making microcomputers now counts its biggest success as the iPOD. Their forward thinking will make me hold onto my Apple stock for a long time!

At 9:43 AM, Blogger media concepts said...

See? You're part of the complex too!


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