April 23, 2007

I Fixed My New Blogger!

No thanks to Google/Blogger. I have had major problems with New Blogger ever since mistakenly and prematurely migrating to New Blogger more than two months ago. I was not able to log into New Blogger from my Internet Explorer browser on my laptop. I had to sign into a Google account through my email client (which is not a Microsoft product). Further, I was unable to upload photos from the laptop. I had to use another computer to do so. And, New Blogger kept crashing on me.

A flurry of emails back and forth to Google and "the Blogger team" failed to solve the problem. Google and Blogger kept giving me the same three fixes, including making sure my Internet security setttings were at Medium or lower. Since my settings were at medium, Google's tip did not help.

Today, by chance, I had a similar problem trying to make a stock trade online at Fidelity Investments. I called Fidelity, and they asked me whether I had recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and then downgraded back to IE 6. Sure enough, I had. In a move similar to my unwitting early migration to New Blogger, I had recently installed IE 7 as part of an "update" that I thought was merely the usual security upgrade patch. As soon as I saw the new IE, I hated it and was able to downgrade back to IE 6. The Fidelity tech said that the problem is usually cured by going into the Internet security settings, changing the setting from Medium to another level, applying the change, closing the IE program, then going back in and changing the setting back to Medium. The Google/Blogger folks never mentioned this trick.

It works! Or, I should say, I am cautiously optimistic that it works. This post was done on the laptop. I was able to add the photo of the scary yet happy clown. No crashes.

So if any of you bloggers are caught in the same New Blogger hell in which I was suffering, hopefully this fix will work for you too. Kudos to Fidelity for being so helpful. Mac users, please do not gloat that you don't have problems like this.

Google/New Blogger, you still suck.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger globalchameleon said...

Wow - congratulations! What a pain in the *ss! Nice clown photo, too (I say this even though clowns freak me out a little)

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Here's a case where your investment paid off, so to speak...

At 10:33 AM, Blogger media concepts said...

That clown sits in front of Circus Circus in Las Vegas. I think he inadvertently scares off would-be gamblers.


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