May 14, 2007

Latest Celebrity Sighting in Southern California

Last night I attended another barbeque by the beach in Southern California. The conversation took the following turn:
Diner #1: You will never guess who I saw yesterday in the Pain Quotient (Le Pain Quotidien). Chong!
(stunned silence)
Diner #2: You mean Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong?
Diner #1: Yeah. The thing about celebrities is that they always sit the same way in restaurants -- back to the door, head down, not making eye contact with anyone.
Diner #3: Um, Tommy Chong isn't much of a celebrity anymore.
Diner #1: Does Chong have grey hair? The guy I saw had really great hair.
Diner #4: Could be. It used to be salt and pepper.
Diner #2: He went to jail for selling bongs online. But he's probably out by now.
Diner #5: Chong's Bongs?
Diner #2: I think that was the name of it.
Diner #4: Is it illegal to sell bongs?
Diner #2: The Government went after him because of who he is.
Diner #5: I feel sorry for Britney.
Diner #6: Don't make me puke!
Diner #5: She's surrounded by the press 24/7.
Diner #2: If you had that much press following you around for just one month, I'm sure you would do something embarrassing too.
Diner #5: Paris Hilton, same thing.
Diner #2: I hear that if it were any one of us, we would have gotten less jail time than Paris Hilton. The Government ...
Diner #7 (who works for the Government): Actually, if it were any one of us, we would have gotten more jail time than Paris Hilton.
Diner #2: ...the Government singled Paris out.

At about that time, I had to excuse myself to go find some Pepto Bismol.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger Aileen said...

OK...assuming that you weren't sitting there silent during this entire exchange, I'm guessing you were either diner #3 or diner #4.

Am I right?

And by the way- that's what you get for moving to SoCal!!!! :)

At 10:52 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

I was diner #8, and I was too busy choking on my lettuce to say very much.


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