June 04, 2007

What to Do When the World is Coming to and End Part Deux? Laugh Even More

How to do that? With Ali G, of course. The Baron of Cohen with his leather track suits, yellow-lensed Bono goggles and Jamaican/East End accent is available on Netflix or at your local video store. I watch him on YouTube, and wind up ROFLMAO. Ali G specializes in interviewing old uptight white guys (Andy Rooney, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump) who apparently have no clue that it's all a put-on. Some of Ali G's interviewees walk out of the interview in frustration. In one case, a rural veterinarian is continually chafed when Ali G keeps confusing "veterinarian" with "veteran," and keeps asking the doc why so many soldiers who served in Vietnam became veterinarians. The doc's facial expressions are classic.

Ali G, another surefire remedy for these stressful times.


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