January 27, 2008

Two Handmade Car Signs, One Parking Lot

What are the odds? These handmade signs were spotted in the windows of two cars parked only a couple of hundred feet apart:

1. "Don't Bomb Iran."
2. "Bush: Warmonger. He Lies - Soldiers Die. 3500+"
While bumper stickers of every variety are readily available, there is something quaint yet powerful about somebody taking the time and effort to create their own message and posting it in their car window.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

I don't think anyone on the East Coast is that creative. It would be interesting to study the actual effect of bumper stickers. I'm always most interested in the really old ones that have survived the test of time and advertise candidates long since gone or never elected. As I picked up baby things on the Hill the other day and one father looked at my 2 Kerry stickers, he reminded me I was going to have to get a new bumper sticker soon. I wonder what it will say? "Anyone other than Bush" perhaps?

At 11:06 AM, Blogger media concepts said...

You might save that for Jeb in 2012.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Let's just hope the Bush dynasty has run its course. I can't imagine another 4/8 years with a Bush administration, although Jeb would certainly outshine W I'm sure.

As I worry about whether voters will turn out for a woman or a black man in sufficient numbers, I acknowledge that McCain is going to be a tough opponent to beat.


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