June 30, 2008

Latest Sign that John McCain's Campaign is in Disarray

I have read reports that John McCain's campaign is in disarray. And now I have proof. A few days ago I received this "Emergency Telegram" from the McCain campaign, asking me for money. Me?

Asking me for money for a Republican presidential candidate is like asking Guy Ritchie to pay for Madonna's divorce lawyer. I have been a registered Democrat for decades. I sign an average of at least one letter or petition per day against actions by George Bush and the Republicans on a plethora of issues, from Iraq to the environment to universal health care. The "Links" sidebar to this blog includes the Democratic National Committee, MoveOn.Org, and the Daily Kos.

So I am now convinced that the McCain campaign is in disarray, and probably in big trouble. I am forwarding McCain's campaign a list of like-minded friends who are also committed Democratic voters. I'm all for McCain wasting more of his money on us.



At 5:22 PM, Blogger Momma said...

Oooh, interesting idea! I would love to contribute to the disarray of his campaign!

My brother-in-law is a Republican but not very bright. He recently forwarded us spam email (total crap, nothing behind it) and called it part of his attempt at fund raising for McCain. Disarray? Yep.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Bleed him dry!

Wouldn't it be funny if their database had one bit reversed so that the people who were getting all his mailings were known Democrats and the Republicans were getting nothing! Maybe they need to institute a little QC on their mailings...

At 9:03 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

A Republican but not very bright? That's too easy.


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