December 20, 2006

Music For Mismatched Christmas Stockings

It's common to make annual favorites lists. I want to do something different. Here's my list of all-time favorite music in unorthodox categories:

Favorite Song That Is Too Painful to Listen To
"Boys of Summer" -- Don Henley
"Wicked Game" -- Chris Isaak
I think I associate both of these songs with the same woman.

Favorite Record No One Else Listens To
"Radio City" -- Big Star
"Flip-Flop" -- Guadalcanal Diary

Favorite Record Everyone Else Listens To
"Franz Ferdinand" -- Franz Ferdinand
"Hot Fuss" -- The Killers

Favorite Record Revealing Wild Talent
"Franz Ferdinand" -- Franz Ferdinand
"The Carnival" -- Wyclef Jean
"Hot Fuss" -- The Killers
"Fallen" -- Evanescence
"Elephant" -- The White Stripes

Favorite Record by a Supergroup
"Contraband" -- Velvet Revolver
"Audioslave" -- Audioslave
"Damn Yankees"-- Damn Yankees (just kidding!)

and lastly, one conventional category

Favorite New Record of 2006
"Black Holes and Revelations" -- Muse
"Wolfmother" -- Wolfmother

I'd love to hear others' favorites in some of these categories.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Aileen said...

I think the fact that I haven't even heard of the songs in the "Records Everyone Listens To" category disqualifies me from responding!!! :)

(btw...Records? What are those? hehe)


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