December 14, 2006

The War on Christmas is Going as Well as the War on Terror

Defenders of Christmas, defenders of the faith, fear not. Your holiday is intact. It is immaculate. I have the ultimate proof. This proof can be found in the bastion of political correctness known as the People's Republic of Santa Monica, California. Here, along the same stretch of park that is used to feed homeless people from a truck each day, the City of Santa Monica has erected at least twelve shacks containing life-size Christmas scenes of the full-blown religious variety.

There are the familiar scenes from the story of Christmas, including Joseph and Mary arriving in Bethlehem on a donkey, the Three Kings, and Jesus being born in the manger. All told, the birth-orama takes up about a quarter mile stretch of Ocean Avenue, and is highly visible to the many motorists and pedestrians who pass by. It is impossible to ignore without making a major detour. This is in a city named after a saint.

And the other religious and ethnic groups who may be observing important holidays at this time? For them, even in liberal Santa Monica, there is no room at the inn.


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