December 04, 2006

Classic Signs of Addiction

I am battling a new addiction. It's not crack, or the Crackberry. It's not whiskey or vodka. It isn't Starbucks or Krispy Kreme.
It's VH1 Classic.

I have this tv channel for the first time, courtesy of a digital cable promotion accompanying my new service. Oh, you cable fiends, you pushers of channels. You give me a promotion for a few months, get me hooked, then force me to pay full retail for my daily fix. I will use all my will power not to let this happen, but it will not be easy.

Here is a sampling of one two-hour period on VH1 Classic last night:
Joy Division
World Party
Sonic Youth
Echo and the Bunnymen
Iggy Pop feat. Kate Pearson
Violent Femmes
The Damned

In short, VH-1 Classic is chock full of music videos from my own Sonic Youth, and later.

So keep your "Lost," your "Heroes," your "Grey's Anatomy." I want my music video tv!


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