August 23, 2008

Clinton Supporters Take Heart -- Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton With a Penis

Barack Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, has everything that Hillary Clinton has, except a uterus and breasts. So, will Clinton's supporters finally step up and support their party and its nominees?

Hillary Clinton hit her stride late in the primary campaign, by appealing to blue-collar Americans, who she unfortunately termed "hard working Americans, white Americans," with a heartfelt economic message that let voters know she understood their plight. This was on top of Clinton's truly impressive 35-year record of standing up for women's rights, civil rights, affordable health care coverage, and other issues that are paramount to Democratic voters.

Well, guess what? Joe Biden's record is stunningly similar to Hillary Clinton's. He comes from a working class, Irish Catholic background in gritty Scranton, PA, in the very heart of Clinton country. Biden also has a 35-year record of standing up for Hillary Clinton's supporters on the exact same issues, including civil rights, women's rights, health care, economic issues, America's foreign policy, and Supreme Court judges. Biden even voted, as did Clinton, to authorize George Bush to use force against Saddam Hussein (the so-called "vote for the Iraq War") in 2002. It's possible that Biden's voting record is as close to Clinton's as any other two members of Congress.

In addition to having both a Presidential and now a Vice Presidential nominee who closely share the views of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, the Democratic party has rewarded Hillary and Bill Clinton in an unprecedented way: by giving them the spotlight on two of the four nights of the upcoming Democratic Convention, and in placing Hillary Clinton's name in nomination at the convention. And, apparently, there will be plenty of opportunity for Clinton's supporters to loudly voice their support for Clinton, in what Clinton has described as a "catharsis."

So the question I have for Hillary Clinton supporters is, what more do you want? The last I checked, our electoral system consists of party primaries, each with multiple candidates. By definition, a huge chunk, often the majority, of voters in each party do not get their first pick as the ultimate nominee of the party. 2008 was no different. Will you now fail to support the Obama-Biden ticket because Clinton lost to Obama fair and square? Because that's what I call being a sore loser. Will you fail to support the Obama-Biden ticket because a woman isn't on it? Because when Republicans favor one gender over another, we correctly call that sexism. Will you fail to support the Obama-Biden ticket because Obama has dark skin? Because when Republicans do that, we correctly call that racism.

Or is this a case where, even though Hillary Clinton's positions on issues of importance to you are closely matched by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, even though Obama beat Clinton fair and square in a well-fought contest, you still won't support anyone whose name isn't Hillary Clinton? Because when people in other countries do that, we call it a Cult of Personality and "Drinking the Kool-Aid."

Come on in, the water's nice. I promise.

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At 5:49 PM, Blogger RiverPoet said...

Sorry...still not voting for Obama, and not because of any of the reasons you cited. I don't like him for president. I don't think he is ready, and I really, really don't want his wife anywhere near the White House.

Yes, I was (and am) a Hillary supporter, and I've been voting Democrat for almost as many years as I've been voting. This presidential election has me depressed, frankly. I vote none of the above.

Peace - D

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

I certainly hope other Hillary supporters are not of the mindset of the above commenter or we are going to be in for another 4 years of Republican agenda. There has never been a more urgent need to get behind the Democratic nominees if you believe what they stand for. You have made a good case for Biden. I would have perhaps preferred a female as Obama's running mate, but at this point I simply want to get him elected, whatever that takes. I still find the prospect of John McCain in the White House a scary one.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Lordlokipv said...

Thank God Joe BIden is THe VP Now Hillary supporters, can down right not even vote for Obama,, On Politico new,,, Hillary was never once consider for the VP slot, not once,, Barack Obama & Pelosi were trying to Force Hillary to back and transfer all her voters over but did not Realize Hilllary Voters have there own agenda,, 1/2 to half of Hillary Voters are not going to Vote at all or vote for McCain,

I will vote for McCain,,, To me its who better for the Job, its not Barack,, No matter how much the MEdia CNN or Msnbc propaganda him,, THe only thing I remember is on CNN how Barack backers on the AIR 6 months ago saying if Obama don't win the primary all OBama VOter will vote for McCain, ,,, since then I refuse to vote for Obama,,

I voted Hilary Clinton, and only support Hilary Clinton, No matter what Hilary Does suspend her campaign concede her campaign. No matter what Hilary does she could even support Obama and campaign for Obama I will never Vote for Barack Obama, I do think America is ready for a black president, just not Barack Obama,,, The way The Democratic party handle this election with the Corporate Media propaganda the whole election, Turned this election upside down,, Obama could of ran over someone,, like Haley Berry, No one would care and still vote,, Obama..
There several million Voter right now like my self, will not ever vote for Barack Obama, Many like my self will be Voting for McCain, my reason is simple,, the Obama voter came on CNN & MSNBC and said if obama does not win the primary, Obama supporter will vote for McCain, Democratic party did not do anything to the obama camp to stop ,, why is obama party splitting the party in half, Now pelosi and many other are blaming Hilary and kept on with the propaganda Corporate Media, Obama Said on the new so many time,, does not Matter, if your Democrat or Republican,, you want the right person for the right Job,, He is so right,,when He said that we wanted Hilary,, Well Congrats to Obama his supporter got him to the primary,,,but He will never win the election,, for President, I will not stop with my blogging,, who is the best man for the job between Barack & McCain,, will vote for McCain he will be way better than Barack Obama, I can put up for McCain for 4 years and Hilary Can run again, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat party,, days are number at this point, For pushing Hilary out and ruining her Career, Even now During Clinton Exit speech,, Democratic party Told Hilary if she does not back there little puppet Barack Obama they will ruin her career,, In my opinion They all ready Ruined Hilary Clinton Career, Right Now I am going listen to one thing Barack Obama said, and that is, like I said, it does not matter if your Democrat or republican who is the right person for the job,,,, Hillary supporter need to stick together, Vote for McCain or just not vote for we need the right person,,, Hilary is up on stage right now saying what pelosi and the democratic party are telling her what to do,, or Economy is down and the way the propaganda Media is,, we are turning into a 3rd world country,, by rigging the election thru the media, Hilary Supporter who really want Hilary to be president Need to vote for McCain or just not Vote for Barack Obama, let McCain win,, there nothing more he can do as president, Congress will not let him it Congress who controls everything,, not the president, Pelosi and the a lot of the democratic party ruined Hilary Career, If all Hilary Voter, stick together, than We can restore Hilary Career and make her President, in 4 years. if you vote for Obama we have to wait maybe 8 years or 4 years and republican will be office, if Obama wins the presidency he will only be 4 year term,,, I say give all your supporter not to the democratic party, but to Hilary Clinton.. democratic party needs all of them need to leave office and get fresh people in there, who can unite the party not keep it separated and force unity, to who they want not who the voter want,, Hilary would of won this election, DNC screwed her with Florida and Michigan if those vote were counted at the beginning she would of won this race along time ago..and for the sexist Media, Like CNN & MSNBC… will continue to not report the new but Make it up as they see fit, All Hilary supporter need to unit together.. and stick together,, Margaret Thatcher was prime Minister 30 years ago,, but American Men and New Bias, is keeping woman down for personal gain, Like Keith Oberman, & Chris Mathews Who are the biggest Sexist on this MSNBC stations

At 7:58 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

Riverpoet -- if you're a Democrat, and not voting, that is a vote for McCain.

Lordlokipv -- you need to write shorter comments if you want anyone to read them.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Naggleboot said...

If Joe Biden is just like Hillary, why didn't just he pick her???!!!

If he's really about unity, the courageous move is to reach out to your defeated opponent and supporters, and team up so we can all rise up together. That would've been really inspiring! Now the Hill supporters feel like we got *nothing*, no honor, no piece of the show.

It's depressing, not something we can get excited about like Obama wants.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger Mike Licht, said...

Biden's VP candidacy demonstrates the value of persistence. As Woody Allen said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

Anybody throwing a Hillary hissy fit needs to think about the damage this will visit on Senator Clinton. See

At 11:32 AM, Blogger media concepts said...

In some states, the number 2 vote getter in the Governor's race becomes Lieutenant Governor. In some countries, a similar system may be in place for Presidential or Prime Minister elections. But the U.S. primary system doesn't work that way. The runner-up in the primary isn't entitled to anything.

The primary winner is entitled to choose the running mate based on whatever considerations he or she sees fit, whether it be geography, experience, lack of controversy, personal chemistry, or anything else. Sometimes the running mate is the number 2 vote getter, most of the time it isn't.

In 1992, when Bill Clinton won the Democratic primary, do you know who the runner-up was? Jerry Brown. Clinton didn't pick Brown for VP. How many of today's Hillary Clinton supporters protested? Hmm, I didn't think so.

Obama has honored Clinton by heaping praise on her at every mention, and giving her a big piece of the show, 2 out out 4 nights of the convention plus placing her name on the ballot plus opportunity for her supporters to demonstrate for her. Anything more, and Clinton would be upstaging Obama. That wouldn't be fair. Clinton lost and Obama won.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Clear The Air said...

I was ready to support and trust Hillary as my commander in chief and the leader of the USA. I trust her judgment.

If she supports Obama, so will I.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger media concepts said...

Today's article from Reuters: Clinton Urges Supporters to Rally Around Obama

First sentence of article: "DENVER (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton urged her supporters on Monday to unite behind Barack Obama and said Democrats could not afford to let lingering frustrations from their nominating battle hurt Obama's bid for the White House."



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