October 24, 2007

Trick or Sex Treat

Halloween for adults gets more sexual each year. Last year, I gave three simple tips for a successful Halloween costume. Tip number three was "Be Attractive." This year, women -- and the companies that market to women -- are getting the Sexy Halloween Costume message even louder and clearer.

Evidence of the Sexiest Halloween To Date can be found near my home. A temporary Halloween Store recently opened in a large empty retail space. The first thing one sees in the front window is a poster of a blonde wearing a sexy bee costume, next to a the large capitalized word "SEXY" and accompanied by the caption "'Bee' Hot & Flirty!" That, of course, is my third rule for costumes nearly verbatim, plus a poor pun.

Inside the store, two entire walls are labeled "Adult." Along one of these walls is an entire collection of Playboy costumes and accessories for women. These include "Bossy Kitty," "Racy Referee" and "Scandalous Pirate." On another wall in this section are generic sexy costumes, including another "Sexy Pirate," "Saucy Nurse" and, presumably, her boss, "Sexy Female Doctor" complete with a mini-length lab coat containing the embroidered name "Dr. Anita Hardwon."

I am headed to a Halloween costume party this Saturday night, and will be curious to see how the Sexy Halloween Costume trend plays out, especially since (1) this is Southern California; and (2) it could be pretty warm outside.

By next year, I expect that some Halloween Store near me will have a closed-off "XXX-Adults Only" section guarded by a burly -- or very curvy -- bouncer.


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello and I really like your blog as well. I enjoy our different takes on Mustaches.

I say Yes, to the Halloween Costume and Sex observation. How did Halloween turn into a stag party??

I would be more than happy to put your like on my blog. I really like it.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

Thanks. How can I not have thought of the title "I Smell Sex and Candy Here" until hours after publishing this post? I hate when that happens!


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