September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Goblet of Photographic Evidence

The drip drip drip of news stories about Sarah Palin keeps dripping. Today we have a couple of very revealing photos. Not that kind of revealing (although I have seen one of those and I'm sure it's easy for others to find), but the kind that reveal Palin's record, back before Palin decided to run for Vice President and flip it and reverse it.

1. There's this photo of a document containing the logo of the Washington Independent and listing $2.5 million in "Wasilla City Projects," with an accompanying note containing the circled intials "SP" and which is purported to be Sarah Palin's handwriting. The note reads: "State funds we are going to receive:" and "Council -- FYI This does not include our $ nearly one million Dollars from the Feds for our Airport Paving Project. We did well!!" (underlined emphasis in original). The handwriting at the bottom of the page reads "Frontiersman" with a date that appears to be "June 1, 1999," a time when Palin was Mayor of Wasilla. The Frontiersman is the local newspaper in Wasilla.

Evidently, Sarah Palin was pretty proud of those earmarks she obtained for Wasilla with the help of lobbyists, before she began running for Vice President. John McCain? Not so much.

2. Then there's this photo of a smiling Sarah Palin proudly holding up a t-shirt that reads "Nowhere 99901." That is the zip code for Ketchikan and Gravina Island, Alaska, where the Bridge to Nowhere was to be built with $223 million in federal taxpayer funds. The photo illustrates what we now know -- that Sarah Palin supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she became John McCain's running mate. Since McCain had repeatedly criticized the Bridge to Nowhere as part of his anti-pork barrel spending persona, Palin's support for the Bridge has become an inconvenient truth.

I suspect that more such inconvenient truths regarding Sarah Palin's record will emerge in the days to come.

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